Butter Believer

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“I could not possibly imagine anyone I’d love working with more to improve my site than Dawn!”

She doesn’t just work on websites like my blog, she actually IS a blogger, and knows our industry inside and out. And that, combined with her incredibly diverse skill set and knowledge, not to mention her genuinely caring and personable communication style, makes her so much better-suited than anyone I’ve ever come across to implement changes to my site in the most comprehensive way possible.

I didn’t just get a beautifully-designed site with vastly-improved performance and increased profitability—I gained so much more knowledge about how to keep my site working optimally thanks to the time Dawn so generously took to educate me about the entire process. She truly goes out of her way to make your experience with her services as valuable as possible!

Emily Benfit

Blogger & Author, Butter Believer

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