About us

Behind the Curtain

My name is Dawn Gifford, creator of Sunrise Webworks, based out of San Diego, California. I am a writer, WordPress expert and web designer.

My passion for detail, service and support is at the heart of every service Sunrise Webworks provides. I have one simple goal:

To provide beautiful, affordable websites that will help the unique gift you have to offer reach the right audience.

We don’t offer every service under the sun. Instead, we keep it simple by specializing in custom WordPress sites. and partnering with a network of friends who are experts in things like search engine optimization, graphic design and marketing.

Whatever your website needs, we can help, but we’ll never ask you to pay for services you just don’t need.

Inside the Name

Sunrise Webworks is a derivative of my name, Dawn, but sunrise is also a symbol of illumination, openness and new possibilities, which is the spirit I like to bring to everything I do.

Like many Sunrise clients, I am also an author and a blogger for the popular eco-blog, Small Footprint Family, so I know first hand how important it is to have a website that inspires you to write, engages your visitors and functions without headaches.

When I’m not nose-deep in WordPress, I can be found wandering the Prado or Ocean Beach with my partner and my spirited 12-year old affectionately known as “The Pixie.”

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